Mima is a project manager by day and an absolute book addict by night. Her hobbies include writing, reading and making her friends and family worry that her obsession for books, tea and true-crime is pathological. If you are looking for her, she is probably reading in some hideout or looking up true-crime facts to freak-out her coworkers.



I'm Fatimaezzahra, a weirdo with my friends, a crazy teacher with my students, and a mad lover with my books. I'm just a bookworm who loves reading, buying, reviewing, smelling, organizing, and photoshooting books. It makes me happy, and I like to share that happiness and positivity with the world.



I’m a software engineer with a lifelong love toward books and a new found passion toward art.  My favourite genre can change depending on my mood but I sure know that my least favourite is thriller. I started painting in my last year of college. Maybe it was late to pursue an art career, but that didn’t stop me from learning every way I could.



I'm a part-time communication analyst, part-time true crime junkie. I love collecting books, and would buy as many new releases as I can. Doesn't mean I read all of them, but I, at least try! I'm also obsessed with mangas and anime, soapy TV shows, thriller movies and podcasts. Are you ready for my never ending lists and bullet points ?


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