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3 short stories by Edgar Allan POE || Batch review

Do you love horror? Do you love the macabre? Then you should try Poe.

I am not a big fan of horror short stories. I tried H.P Lovecraft earlier this year, and his works were mainly a miss for me. So I wasn't expecting a lot from Poe when I got this book, but I ended up blown away by his sheer genius.

When I started reading the first short-story in the collection, "The fall of house Usher", I was overcome by how beautiful and pure the prose was. I loved the hints of the paranormal we were getting as well as the analysis of love and grief, but I was not completely satisfied. Something was amiss and I wouldn't tell why. So I rated the story 4 stars, good but not brilliant.

I had the same experience with "The murders in rue Morgue". The character of Dupin was highly entertaining, and I appreciated the turn the story took, especially knowing how scandalous the beastly aspect must have been at the time. But again, I wanted more. More of the side characters, more of the analysis of the crime, more of the story of the culprit... just more!

On a side note, another caveat I had with "The murders in rue Morgue" was the homosexually-repressed-but-not-really feeling I got from the two male main characters, which, through my 2020 glasses, sounded infatuated with one another. And I just thought it was peculiar that Poe felt the need to explicitly explain that the two of them were just friends. I understand how homosexuality was viewed when these short stories were written, so I understand why Poe did it, but it still took me out of the story, and I resent that.

An then, I read "The tale-tell Heart" and I saw the promised light and the mythical brilliance of Poe everyone is talking about. "The tale-tell Heart" is possibly the best short story I have ever read. The writing, the tone, the analysis of empathy and guilt, every single thing about this story was perfect to me.

Overall, I enjoyed this introduction to Edgar Allan Poe and will hopefully be reading more of him soon.

Should you read Poe as well?

If you love good prose, sharp analyses of the human feelings, and hints of the paranormal, then YES, you definitely should! I

f you need your stories longer, your characters fleshed out and are not particularly keen on horror, then no, probably not!

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