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Fangirl - Book review


Publishing date : 2013

Genre : YA, Romance, Mental health fiction, Contemporary

Pages: 460 (paperback)

Rating on goodreads: 4.08

My rating: 4

I picked this book randomly from a book store, the cover attracted me and the synopsis confirmed my choice. I dove into the story with no previous knowledge (and it was my first book for this author as well), so I had no expectations what so ever.

Fangirl is a contemporary so you can read it in no time (would work well to get out of a reading slump). It talks about two twin sisters who are so different from each other. Cath was the introvert who lack socializing skills, yet was famous within the fanfiction world (she wrote fanfiction for “Carry on”) and Wren on the other hand, was the extravert who loved socializing with other people. They were living with their father, had each other’s back, and were perfect best friends. However, things had changed radically when they moved to university. Wren wanted to have other friends, do other things, and basically be different, while Cath hated the idea, and was totally scared of all those changes in her life. Here, the book starts talking more about Cath’s life, her new roommate Reagan who tries to help her in her own way, and also Levi, an extraordinary human being who will have his own touch on Cath’s life.

Now, that we got the introduction out of the way, it’s time to tell you my personal thoughts about it. I generally loved the book, the characters were so realistic, it doesn’t feel fake or forced, it has a sense of humor and just makes you crave more. But, I really loved how the writer described Cath’s anxiety, what she went through, and how she managed to prove herself. Levi and Reagan were a huge support; they understood Cath and loved her despite how different she is from them. I still didn’t like the fanfiction passages, sometimes I tend to skip them, especially that the Harry Potter reference is so obvious. Other from Cath, we had Wren, and although the book didn’t do its job of showing more from her point of view but it served as a good example of how we see people from the outside. I may keep that for a book discussion in order not to spoil anything for you.

All in all, the thing with this book is that you can relate to it, or otherwise, will make you understand how other people feel, to never judge and never assume things. The ending isn’t perfect yes, but I don’t think that it matters, it’s college, a lot of things will happen and a lot will change, but that experience, that part of a person’s life will definitely shape his/her personality somehow.

Here are few passages that I chose for you:

-“I don’t like new places. New situations. There’ll be all those people , and I won’t know where to sit – I don’t want to go

-“that’s great” Cath said, trying not to let her face show how much she wanted to kiss and kill him

-“I have a lot of respect for your arms. I like how they’re attached to the rest of you


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