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Get reading this Valentine's day

Valentine’s day is upon us, and with it come the crushing waves of love propaganda.

Romance is everywhere this month, and it is my turn to contribute to its shrine of vanities with 8 recommendations that will make all you want to sing L.O.V.E alongside Nat “King” Cole.

For that, let’s start with office romances that will make you question how you look at your coworkers.

We love office romances over here, especially the ones that start with vehement hate and disdain. After all, isn’t “fine” the most fitting adjective to describe the line between hate and love? For some reason, I feel like I need to state that this article does not encourage office romance. Do respect your office policy. However, if you want any pointers on the subject, say on the off chance that you have a hot coworker*wink wink*, don’t hesitate to pick up The hating game by Sally Thorne or Practice makes perfect by Julie James.

Moving on to victorian historical fiction.

We can all agree that historical fiction is good, but nothing makes your girl swoon like scandalous victorian flirtations, and I find the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas to be quite to my liking. Stay stir of the novellas though.

Another victorian romance I would recommend for novices of the genre would be the “Stalking Jack The ripper” series by Kerri Maniscalco. This is more of a mystery historical mashup, but the romance element is strong enough to qualify the book for this.

Finally, let's get high on fantasy romance.

Power, romance and fantasy, can there be a more intoxicating cocktail? I didn't think so either, and I have just the series to get you hooked. For the sake of the fantasy nerd that I am, this part of the recommendations will be divided in sections:

In urban fantasy, our winner is THE must read from the 2000’s. "The fever" series by Karen Marie Moning has slow burn, great world building, and a lot of sexual tension done well. Another great recommendation would be the "Hidden legacy" series by Ilona Andrews,a strong new series by a behemoth of the genre.

In Paranormal romance, I will have to bring up the "Psy changeling" series by Nalini Singh. This series has psychics and shifters and politics and romance, do I even need to say more?

And last but not least, my pick for all drama lovers out there, the Fae Romance.

You read right, this a genre right now! I proclaim this an independant genre. Fight me if you will, I am ready to die on this hill! Anyway, for those of you still reading, do read "A court of thorns and roses" by Sarah J. Maas. The characters are almost as dramatic as I am, even though I like to think I am smarter than them, but the romance is great, and the storytelling is just amazing.

These were some recommendations for romance books, and this is my chance to wish you all a great Valentine's day. Get out and love and live and get sucked in the drama. But before all that, treat yourself to some book, because we are still book nerds here people!


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