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I read 70 books in the last 7 months: Here is a chill guide on how you can do it too!

Five simple strategies to read more books

I am writing this article on the early days of August, and I have already read 71 books at that time. This number might seem low to some people, but to me, it’s a new achievement.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, you should know that I am a slow reader by every account — just ask any reading test online. I also work a 60hour week job and attempt to have a social life.

So how did I manage to read all these books, you ask. The answer is simple, and it comes down to these five strategies.

Develop your reading habit

Let’s analyze my past reading habits, for instance. I have always been an avid reader, but I never was steady in my reading.

I would typically read a book in a gloomy day and then read nothing for a week or so. And while I still reached my reading goals, starting a new book always felt like a challenge to me.

From January 2020 (Bless new year’s resolutions), I changed this approach drastically and started reading 20 pages of a book every day, and that was the real game-changer.

If you want to improve your reading stats, you need to build your reading muscle. It’s as easy as that. Study your daily calendar, define the idle moments that you have and fill all your lazing moments with reading.

Explore your reading taste and embrace the genres you love

Some people only approve of reading heavy philosophical or dense non-fiction book. I think those people are snobs, and the scientific community sided with me by proving that reading any genre of books is beneficial to the human brain. Reading any book can improve memory and focus, decrease depression episodes and stress levels, and boost sleep.

If you love non-fiction books, read them to your heart content and be proud. If not, you can delve into the endless genres of fiction books and still be proud.

If you are not sure what genres you might like, get adventurous. Try any book that intrigues you or seems fun. If you feel reading more than one book at a time, go for it! I usually juggle 3 or 4 books in any given time, often in different genres.

Embrace the DNF

The biggest threat to your reading is to be stuck for the longest time reading one book, or worst, no book at all. Anytime this happens to you, analyze the reason of your slump, and if it is the book you are currently reading , just let it go and pick up something fun instead. Maybe you’ll pick it up later. Or perhaps you’ll never get around to it. Only time can tell.

What I know for sure though, is that letting go can be freeing, just ask Elsa!

Diversify your reading mediums

A lot of people are partial to paper books, and while I love the scent and the feel of them, I am also a huge fan of ebooks and audiobooks.

First of all, physical books are way more expensive than ebooks. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be able to finance my reading habits if I bought physical copies of all my books. Moreover, Ebooks are more accessible in libraries and more convenient to carry when you have long commute times.

My favourite medium at the moment though is audiobooks. Imagine having someone, sometimes the author, narrate the book to you while you are walking or doing your laundry or even taking a shower.

How glorious is that

Take it slow

The final and maybe most valuable strategy is this list is to never make yourself read when you don’t feel like it. I believe I succeeded in reading this much because reading has always been a hobby to me, an escape from reality. Making it a chore would be a disservice to you.

If you are tired, pick up a light book. If you can’t even get through that, don’t feel guilty taking a day off from reading. The objective of this whole exercise is to develop a habit that will soothe your mood and help you relax. If reading doesn’t achieve this purpose at any given moment, don’t do it.

I believe reading is the best way anyone can entertain themselves.

As Freud said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

This is why I attempt to read as many books as I can.

However, I don’t believe the quality of a reader; if that is even a thing; can be correlated to the number of books they read. If you read only one book in 2020 but feel satisfied by what you got from it, then you are a quality reader, and no one can get that away from you.

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