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My sister, the serial killer by Okinkan Braithwaite | Book review

  • Publication date: 20th of November, 2018

  • Genre: Fiction / Thriller

  • Pages: 226

  • Rating on Goodreads: 3.74

  • My rating: 3.75

This book was short and sweet, so I will try to keep the review in the same vein, short and sweet.

Objectively, My sister the serial killer is a good debut novel.

The concept of a serial killer sister you have to protect and support is undeniably fresh and the writing is engaging and smooth. Oyinkan Braithwaite knows her way with words.

Unfortunately, she doesn't know her way around characters and plot in my opinion.

We have three main characters in this book. Ayoola, the serial killer is a young pretty influencer who had fallen in the unfortunate habit of murdering her boyfriends. Korede is her not-so-pretty nurse sister and assumes the role of scene cleaner and alibi provider for Ayoola. That is until Ayoola decides to date Tade, Korede's crush.

An interesting cast of characters, wouldn't you say? Well, not really!

Korede is the stereotype of a bitter woman, too angry at her sister for being prettier and taking it out on every person beneath her at the hospital. (The scenes where she mistreated the cleaners at the hospital irked me so much)

Tade has nor personality. His every action seem to be dictated by his lizard brain. And Ayoola is just there, killing people and seducing men whenever the plot needs her too.

I have read more than 200 pages of these characters and I still can't tell you what their motives are. We don't know why Ayoola kills, we don't know why Korede helps her, and we definitely don't know why Tade is so stupid.

When it comes to the plot, I apologize to everyone who loved this book but how did you all NOT notice that nothing was happening?

There were no stakes, no character arcs, no transformations. Sometimes, the author would introduce a risky event, but it will rapidly fade in the background because consequences are apparently not what this narrative is about.

Despite this long-winded rant about characetrs and plot, I am still rating book 3.75 ⭐.

First, because this is a debut novel and I like to go easy on debut authors. Furthermore, it made me feel things, and that is the main job of a book, making le feel. Even if these feelings are frustration and incredulity.

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