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The hidden side of Fangirl

The review for this book is already available on the website, if you want to check it out.

This Article however, will talk about what the book didn’t focus on. Of course it’s from my point of view, which may or may not be understood and seen by everyone.

So the book talked mainly about Cath, the twin sister who deals with anxiety, lack socializing skills and can’t afford new changes in her life. I totally understand that. although she at least knew what her problem was, she was aware of it, and she accepted help. She had her friends and her father, yes, her father was always there for her, and they had a connection. The connection that her sister never had, Wren, who was a twin sister all the time, she helped Cath, she loved her and loved helping her writing and so on, but inside, she always had that feeling of “the other twin”. That’s what she was known for, and she hated it. She wanted to be seen as a person, special, and unique. She didn’t want that the 1st thing people see in her is that she’s a twin. She had all the right to want that. That’s why she acted the way she did when it was time to go to university. It was her ticket towards being special. She loved her sister so much, but she needed to be herself, to love herself, and to make people see her and love her for who she is.

Wren, did all of that, and while everyone saw her as social, perfect and outgoing, she was not. She actually needed Cath more than Cath needed her. She was alone and she had no idea what her problem was, she wasn’t aware of it, and she couldn’t deal with it. She wanted to do whatever to look cool and popular, but it’s all for others, she did nothing for herself. More than this, she didn’t ask for help, even when she reached critical time. She just couldn’t talk to someone. Well, thank god Art was there being protective and supportive, otherwise things would have been messy. Art’s role was a bit underestimated but for those who pay attention to details, he was obviously a real gentleman, a great lover, and a wise man.

So now we get to the mother, with people thinking Wren was crazy for forgiving her, but she needed her that bad that she did so. Cath always had her father, she needed her mom but she managed. Wren was just feeling so lonely that she accepted her mom immediately, forgave her, and looked forward to build that connection with her. She needed that; especially that she had different interests from her sister. Wren had far serious problems, and not talking about it made it only worse. It led her to addiction, which was expected after all what she went through. From outside Wren looks like that bad girl, selfish and not caring. But from the inside, she was just a lost kid, seeking love and care.

I just think that all problems are important. No matter what we feel, it should be expressed, not hidden. Asking for help is not something to be ashamed of. We should never think that someone is happy just because they’re smiling or telling jokes. We shouldn’t be mad if someone would rather party than listen to our problems, god knows what are his/her own problems. We shouldn’t expect people to help us all the time, neither should we handle more than we can take. Let’s not judge and instead, let’s try to understand each other. That’s what I learned.


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