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The Outsider - Book review


Publishing date : 2018

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Crime Fiction

Pages: 475 (hardback)

Rating on goodreads: 4.00

My rating: 4

My first time reading for Stephen King, and I think I made a pretty good choice. And although I am not a horror fan I did enjoy it.

Well to be honest, this book wasn’t really horror oriented, maybe a little tiny bit in some scenes but that’s it (I mean if I can handle it, then it isn’t scary). The mystery yes, I can relate, since it hooks you up and keeps you on your toes.

The Outsider is a story following a case of a murder, and not just a normal one. A child was sexually assaulted and killed in the most horrible way, even some part of his body were eaten (that crime scene will definitely make you noxious). The deal with that case is that it’s easy to solve since all the evidence point to one person. But the weird thing is that the suspect has a killing alibi, he was somewhere else when the crime was committed. How you ask? Well that’s what will make you enjoy the story, so I’m not spoiling it for you.

The Outsider was in my opinion a medium to fast paced book, sometimes I was so excited to know what will happen next, especially at the beginning and the ending of the book. Though there was a part in the middle where I felt like the writer is just dragging the events, making the book longer. But everything included, the great parts were way more than those I found slow paced and frustrating (some readers may enjoy that). Another thing that I had a bit of a problem with was the ending. The events were going great, but the very ending was just quick. I would have preferred a more twisted ending, a longer one, a more complicated scene. It was a good closing for the story, BUT it wasn’t satisfying. So now, you’re wondering why I gave it a “4 stars”! Well, the pre-ending was so gorgeous that I’m willing to forgive everything. The small details that the author used had added excitement to the story. And man can we talk about the characters? I loved how they worked together (despite their many differences), the conversations they had, and the funny bits included occasionally. I can’t mention my favorite character since it doesn’t show up till pretty much the end, but I promise that you will love that person.

It’s really hard to say a lot about this book without spoiling it, but if you’re a king fan, then just go blind. If not, maybe this one isn’t the one that will change your mind. And if it’s your first try like me, then take my word and give it a try (unless your heart can’t handle the nature of the crime mentioned).

And while I can’t deny my love for King’s style and storytelling, I think it would be quite a time before I pick up something else by his.

Here are few passages that I chose for you :

- “Like many men in their early sixties, his prostate had grown along with his IRA, and his bladder seemed to have shrunk along with his sexual aspirations.”

- “Last week we were a family, now there is just Dad and me. Sorry’s the word for that, all right. The very one, there is no other.”

- “To stop, if he doesn’t want something to happen, tell him he has to stop”

- “No offense, but your sense of humor is a little weak, Ralph. You should work on that.”


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