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Underrated Booktubers You Should Subscribe To

It is a truth universally acknowledged that nothing brings a book nerd more joy than  talking to and watching other book nerds geeking out about books. This is mainly the reason book blogs blew up back in the 2010’s, and it is probably the reason booktube is such a sensation nowadays.

It you are even remotely interested in books, and if you have access to the internet, you know the small corner of YouTube I am referring to, and you might even already have a favourite booktuber, or several!  However, I do feel many bookworms are unaware of the existence of some of the following booktubers, and I take it upon myself to introduce you them. So here goes a list of underrated booktubers I believe you might love!

The Fantasy Court

These two booktubers tend to everything fantasy! I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre, and I know I have been frustrated with most of big booktubers only talking about the latest releases of YA and somehow “neglecting” some books I really wanted to hear about. This is why I was so happy to discover Daniel Green and his love of fantasy news and The Wheel of Time, or Elliot Brooks, who has a love of The Witcher and fantasy manga.

The Vlog Queens

If anything can top a book discussion, it has to be a book vlog with multiple book discussions. And in this category, Merphy Napier and Ashley (A Frolic Through Fiction) are absolute queens. Merphy reads a lot of books in various genres, she’s also a mother, an audiobook narrator, and always has heart-warming and fun blogs to watch. As for Ashley, she is a university student and has this sweet personality and love for mythology that will suck you right in.

The TBR Risk Takers

Bookworms can be reckless with the size and length of their book wishlists, but most of us know not to mess with the gods of the TBR. However, the most reckless of us, aka Becca from Becca and the Books and Codie from Codie’s Book Corner do not care for their sanity and play a TBR game every month that will decide the books and the genres they will be reading, and I love them for it.

The Eclectic Readers

If your tastes are eclectic and reading in one genre bores you, then Chelsea Palmer and Mara (Books Like Whoa) are the booktubers you didn’t know you needed. These two have great tastes in books, in my opinion, and do not shy away from reading everything that falls into their hands.

A Category of His Own

Clifford Lee Sargent from Better Than Food Book Reviews is an amazingly peculiar booktuber, and maybe my favourite in this list. He never reads what the community seems to be reading, and he doesn’t seem to be aware of the booktube video codes, which makes his content delightfully refreshing. The sarg, as I like to call him in my head, has great analysis of the books he reads and a solid delivery on camera, and I love to watch him every time I think I need a Booktube palate cleanser.

And finally, the bonus content for our lovely reader, and one of my favourite corners of YouTube: The Comedy Book Videos

This category is my refuge whenever I feel down or just need a good laugh. There are a lot of great youtubers that cater to this "genre" bit I have a mile-wide soft spot for Dominic Noble and his adaptation videos. I would also give an honorable mention to Caleb Joseph and his romance book reviews.

Do you have any other recommendations? Or even your own booktube? Tell us in the comments below!


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